jared jones

BSA computer science at UT Austin

I am a maker at heart

In 2012 I made a leap from pursuing a future as an artist to becoming a developer. I didn’t make this decision light-heartedly because I truly believe in the power and potential of creation through computation. When it comes down to it, what I have always loved is to make things and I have worked extremely hard to find the mediums that fit me best. My passion lies in front-end development. I have multiple projects using a wide variety of tools including HTML5, CCS3, SASS, Vue.js, and Angular.js. I hope to be able to work on meaningful projects that touch thousands, if not millions of people everyday.

I believe in the design process

I am very active in the design community at UT Austin where I am the president of the organization Design Collective. Through this org, my goal is to allow designers of all kinds to take part in a great community and allow others to experience all that design has to offer.